Cost Breakdown

The total cost of construction from clearing land until we were able to move in was about $157,000. This doesn’t include the $60,000 to purchase the quarter acre lot. This final cost also does not include Spartan Giordano’s labor. We received $15,100 in rebates and tax incentives bringing the total cost down to $141,900. Using the 141 number, our 1500 square foot house cost $94.60/SF to build.

Cost breakdown by type of expenditure

Materials $90,245.09
Labor $60,655.35
Permits, fees, engineering $4,490.70
Equipment and tool rental $2,973.18
Fuel $1,559.44
Trash, disposal costs $384.61
Other $290.36

Cost breakdown by construction type

Doors, windows, interior window trim, and extension jambs $18,787.55
Framing $17,840.95
Insulation (labor & material, includes foundation insulation) $15,946.51
Foundation for home and garage $15,248.53
Siding, soffit, exterior trim $13,965.51
Sitework $12,460.50
Plumbing (labor and material) $10,218.69
Other $6,933.52
Electrical $6,868.67
Roof (Material and labor both sheathing and metal) $4,801.80
Porch $4,010.37
Drywall $3,255.16
HRV & Ductwork (material only, no labor cost) $2,793.22
Paint (labor and material) $2,738.45
Heat pump (material and labor) $2,600.00
Floors $1,901.39
Stairs $1,643.28
Driveway $1,475.00
Tiling bathroom and kitchen counter $1,353.52
Create lumber from trees from site $740.36
Solar hot water (after rebates and incentives) $269.45


5 thoughts on “Cost Breakdown

  1. Very Cool! Great to meet you yesterday. I would love to try that scrap granite floor- your thoughts?

  2. Ive been trying to find a granite saw like the one pictured on the first page of your article. uou call it “12″ 3′ sliding compound wet saw”. It looks kind of like a bridge saw but much smaller. I don’t see a brand name in your photo. Can you tell me the manufacturer and, generally, the cost? Thanks, Gary

  3. Spartan,

    How did you end up financing the house? Was it through a bank that provides the construction loans?

    – Bill

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