Energy Usage Reports

Year 2

Our first energy report spanned the time period 2-10-2012 through 2-12-2013.
Now that we have PV it made sense to change the time period to start in October, the month in which the PV was turned on.

For the time period 10/23/13  –  10/22/14
Total HDD base 68: 8203
Total kWh usage: 4641
Total value @ $0.17/kW: $789
Total PV production kWh: 5144
Surplus production kWh: 503

For the Winter of 2013-2014 we have the following statistics:
Air source heat pump total kWh: 1119 or $190

Average Minimum Maximum
Air Source Heat Pump kWh 0.255 0.0 1.774
Downstairs Temp. F 67.9 61.0 77.0
Downstairs %RH 58.6 36.5 71.5
Master Bedroom Temp. F 66.4 61.0 77.0

Year 1

Click here for the first year’s energy report


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