Home Statistics

A PDF of the following chart with additional information is available here: 10 Charles St Home Statistics

Footprint 32’ x 26’
Conditioned Space 1500 ft2  The mudroom and pantry can be closed off
Conditioned Volume 21054 ft3
Number of Floors 2, slab on grade  There is a single third floor room.
Slab 6” Thick  Includes 1.25″ of stone flooring
Stem wall 6” Thick 8” Above grade 36” Below grade
Building Style Saltbox
Walls Double stud: 2×4, 2×4 connected by gussets 24” O.C. Mixture of platform and balloon framing
Roof Parallel chord trusses Vented cathedral ceiling
Equipment Make Model Notes
(1) Air Source Heat Pump Mitsubishi MSZ-FE12NA 12.5kBtu/hr at 5 dgr F
SEER of 23
HRV Venmar EKO 1.5 80% sensible heat recovery
Drainback Solar Hot Water System 2 Panels: Sunearth
Tank: HTP
Tank: Contender
Tank: 80 Gallons with Electric backup
4.5 kW Photovoltaic Solar System (18) American Choice 250W Panels, Enphase Microinverters Microinverters: M215 Will provide more than 100% of home energy needs
Infiltration .54 ACH50
Walls 12.5” Dense pack Cellulose (4#/ft3) ~R-46
Cathedral Roof  north/south 21” / 26” Cellulose (2.5#/ft3) ~R-78 / R-96
Foundation Stem wall 6” XPS R-30 2” exterior, 4” interior
Foundation Slab 4” XPS R-20
Windows (Mix of Andersen, Marvin, Marvin Integrity, & Serious. All double pane except Serious. Mostly double hung.)
U-Value Range .17-.32
Average U-Value .28
Areas: Exterior Walls, Windows, and Doors Wall (S.F.) (no windows or doors) Glass (S.F.) Doors (S.F.) Percent of wall that is glass
Overall 2136 277 34 11.3
South 453 149 24.8
East 639.5 53 17 7.5
West 632 61 17 8.6
North 411.5 16.5 3.9
Areas: Roof planes (S.F)
North 707.5
South 340



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