Current design plans

So after a couple of weeks of steady work on the home design I have some results to share. The design below meets most of our requirements–although it is larger than we were shooting for–the interior footprint is 720 square feet.

View from the Southeast (Vernon St.)

View from the Northwest (Charles St.) We will need to be creative about how to dress-up the windowless North wall.

First floor living space from the southeast corner

Lot plan

First floor plan

The floor plan below shows the beds with a desk on top of them. It actually is the other way around. The beds would/could be lofted to make space for the desk.

Saltbox 2-23 Floor 2

Second floor plan

The height from the second floor to the peak of the roof is about 15 feet. This allows us to create 3rd floor loft space.


3 thoughts on “Current design plans

  1. Hey Spartan,

    There were a couple of questions that popped up for me while looking at your design.
    First floor:
    1. I would be inclined to insulate the mudroom. As drawn, it appears to have skinny walls and the interior appears to be insulated. It’s easier to build a straight run instead of a jog.
    2. The flow in the kitchen appears circuitous and less direct than it could be.
    3. Does the kitchen have enough storage? What will you be doing for a root cellar?
    4. As drawn, will the Vernon street entrance will interfere with the stairs?

    Second floor:
    1. Consider pocket doors in the bath and the master BR closet.
    2. Consider moving the master BR closet flush and allow it to bump into the adjacent room. The wall will be easier to build and one less corner to mud.
    3. Why not put windows on the north side? They needn’t be big, but you’ll appreciate the light that comes into the north rooms.
    4. The bi-fold doors near the large storage space interfere with the ingress/egress of the bathroom.

    Is there any way to make the lettering on the plans legible? I’m having a tough time reading it, even when the image is enlarged.


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