Logs ready for sawmill

Logs ready for mill

Yesterday morning Brett, John, and I made quick work of getting all of the logs lined up on one side of the property. We tied each log to the truck, and redirected the pull with a block. You can also see that I painted the ends of the logs so that moisture doesn’t escape rapidly from the ends–which would otherwise cause checking in the wood. Hannah made delicious banana muffins that we ate once the work was done. Thanks again John! Thanks Brett! Next step: build bunks for the boards to be stacked and air-dried on.


4 thoughts on “Logs ready for sawmill

  1. Spartan,
    How will you mill the logs? On site? Portable mill? What kind of wood/boards and what will they be used for in the construction?
    Uncle Drew

    • Portable mill. The wood is pretty much all black cherry and red oak. I have a variety of thoughts about how to use them in the house, but nothing definite. I have this idea of tacking live sawn boards to the ceiling and then earth plastering between them.

  2. P.S. Interesting trick… painting the end of the logs. Will you sticker- dry the boards or have them kiln dried?

    P.S.S. Don’t hire a drunk to cut the logs. They cut crooked boards!

    • I will be building bunks shortly for stickering and air drying. I will be sawing the boards in a variety of ways: some live sawn on one or two edges, some quarter sawn boards (probably oak), some 4×4 and 6×6 posts, and some flat sawn.

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