Retrieving our front stoop

Over the weekend Hannah and I were in Vershire Vermont at the family Cabin at family week. While hiking around, we discovered a rock that would be perfect for a front stoop (right near table rock). Sara at the Vershire Riding School generously allowed us to take the rock (it was on their property). It took five of us to lift it up into the truck. I figure it weighed in between 350 and 450 pounds. Thank you Jay, Andrew, Margy, and Ancy! Pics by Julie.

Getting ready to lift the rock

Put your gloves on!

Makeshift ramp

We set up a ramp and used rollers to help us get the rock into the truck.

Powered by tofu

Good thing I was wearing my powered by tofu T-Shirt



Rock in Greenfield

My neighbors' family helped get the rock out of the truck. Thank you Al, Leo, and Dick.


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