Planning and waiting

My butt is getting flat.

I have spent the week carefully modeling all of the framing members (studs, headers, sills, plates, etc.) in Archicad. It has been tremendously valuable. Not only will we have accurate blueprints to build from, I have caught numerous issues–a few of which I need to get some professional help for:

  • I would like to balloon frame the north wall, which requires studs that exceed 10′. I haven’t been able to understand what code says about this, but one cannot have studs longer than 10′ that aren’t laterally supported. How do I need to change my design to make it code compliant?
  • The bottom plate for my interior part of my double stud exterior wall doesn’t land entirely on the slab due to the 4.5 inches of foam on the inside of the stem wall. I would like to shift the sole plate for the wall so that it bares on the slab entirely, but have the studs overhang above the foam. Code requires that studs bare 100% on the plate, however. Can I use a second plate?
  • What is the appropriate connection between a balloon framed wall and a platform framed wall?

I also created an accurate material list that includes frame wood, sheathing, sheet rock, flooring, metal roofing etc. and submitted for bid to the local building supply stores.



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