Last few weeks – Interior Framing

Things have been moving a little slowly this past couple of weeks–Hannah had vacation, and visiting with friends.

I have continued to plug away at the second and third floor partition walls, we put in a couple more windows, and we are finally making a push towards putting on the metal roof, which earlier today was delivered.

Using Photoshop to help visualize trim colors, Hannah and I picked out a flavor of red for the trim. I purchased 1×8 pre-primed pine for the fascia boards and began painting them in my parents garage where I could use a propane space heater to keep the temperature up. Even though I followed the directions provided by California Paint for application, several days later the paint was still peeling off like a skin. After getting unsatisfactory answers from the manufacturer I returned the painted boards and paint to RK Miles. The second time went better, but this time I used Ben Moore’s Aura paint–rather expensive, but if their warranty speaks to how long it should last, then it is probably worth it.

Installation went smoothly. With Adam’s help, and Rob’s pipe staging under our feet, we installed 3 out of four sides last Friday.

I was hoping to start moving towards putting on the metal roof today, but the windy weather was prohibitive. Also, last night we had a big downpour of rain. Even though the Zip Tape on the roof kept out previous weather, there were a half a dozen leaks. I suspect that tape was punctured during installation. To remedy this I have purchased 6″ Dupont flashing tape which is much more durable than the Zip tape. We will go over all of the seams with a second layer of tape. I considered redoing the roof with tar paper, which would certainly keep out the water, but it would not keep out air leaks.

Devin, Guy, and Craig are all scheduled to help put on the metal roof this week.

View of home from Chapman St

View from Chapman St

Hannah outside of master bedroom

Hannah outside of master bedroom

Partition walls on second floor

Partition walls on second floor. Looking from top of stairs westwards towards bathroom.

Fascia boards installed

Fascia boards installed

Metal roof delivered

The metal roof was delivered today. It takes up surprisingly little space, but just try to lift it.


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