Framing almost done

We are closing in on the finishing all of the major framing. All that remains is the kitchen peninsula half wall and the wall that boxes in the shower.

Today I finished framing in the first floor bathroom. Yesterday I finished the mechanical room.

The framing is done for the first floor bathroom, the mechanical room, and underneath the stairwell. On the left wall you can see the rough opening for the stained glass window. It took a while to get around to this because we contemplated changing the layout by pushing the bathroom north into the mechanical room and giving adding space to the living area. This would have meant moving the sink to the laundry drain and the laundry to the bottom of the second floor drain. Although the plumbing connections appeared to allow this we learned we couldnt because the sink is the wet vent for the toilet and as such its elbow that is embedded below the concrete is tilted up a little. The laundry drain is not. In the end we decided to move the laundry machine to the upstairs bathroom, which it actually fits quite nicely in, and keep the hot water tank in the mechanical room (for a time we were considering moving the hot water tank into the root room and doing away with the root room).

Alteration to framing of the kitchen wall

When we tested out the kitchen layout we decided to recess part of the north kitchen wall into the root cellar room so that the refrigerator can be flush with the counter tops. This photo shows the section of the wall after I took it out.

Alteration to the kitchen wall to accommodate the refrigerator

Alteration to the kitchen wall to accommodate the refrigerator. It was fun to move a wall like this.


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