Granite counter top scrap floor

I have been worrying that we wouldn’t be able to acquire granite counter top scrap for the entire first floor floor, but no more! Taking advantage of the rainy day, I traveled to a local counter top manufacturer, and discovered they had plenty of scrap–and they were happy to help me out. (A big thank you and shout out to them) It took an hour to pick through the piles and load up the truck. For those who know me, I love to go rock hunting and this was a rock hunter’s paradise. There were so many different colors and patterns in the stones–some of which are clearly not granite.

Truck load of granite counter top scrap

Truck riding low with a load of granite

Perhaps I loaded the truck up a bit too much.

My parents helping unload the granite counter top scrap

My parents happened to be visiting yesterday and helped unload. (photo by Hannah)

Admiring the haul

Admiring the haul (Photo by Hannah)


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