The “garage” is built!

We had a big delivery of wood arrive yesterday: 2700 linear feet of 1×8 tongue and groove boards. We got the wood from County line lumber in Athol. They have great deals on all sorts of building materials. The boards will be used for the underside of the soffit and also much of the interior ceilings. With no place to store the wood, it was time the build the garage. Thom and I finished it in a few hours.

OK, I am joking around. Its a temporary structure made from our old concrete forms and whatever other wood we had lying around.

Our makeshift garage - ready to be tarped

The hardest thing about building this structure was not laughing while doing it. Before we tarped it, it looked like an oversized kids’ fort or perhaps something out of a Robinhood movie set. After being so precise and meticulous about every detail with the house, it was a great respite to build this. Not to mention, Thom helped, and everything is more funny with Thom.

Thom posing with our make shift garage

Thom returns! And he thought he saw the last of moving the concrete forms. Thank you Thom!

Load of wood safely stored in our make shift garage

Load of wood safely stored in our make shift garage. Thank you Adam and Darryl for helping to unload.


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