2011-11-04: Finishing second floor floors

During the first weekend of November we finished the second floor floors. The floors are 2×6 tongue and groove spruce which also serve as the structural sub-floor. The boards had a lot of height variation so it ended up that we needed to power plane them before we could sand them. My brother Reno helped out Saturday. We finished the floors with Penofin’s Verde oil.

Reno sanding floors

Reno sanding floors

Spartan sanding floors

Spartan sanding floors


2 thoughts on “2011-11-04: Finishing second floor floors

  1. looks like a job well done, the stairs on the above post look gorgeous also! Its the sort of thing i want in my house some day. Very impressed 🙂

  2. We nailed the floor boards down with 10d nails on the angle through the tongue. It clearly wasn’t strong enough as many of the boards have play in them. Next time: counter sunk screws only.

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