Monitoring for our PV System

WMECO gave us permission to turn on our PV system on October 23rd, so we have been creating solar power for 9 days now. Today, we hit the 100 kWh mark. That averages to 11 kWh per day, which is also our average daily usage throughout the year.

One of the great things about using a system with micro-inverters is that you can monitor each panel individually. Here is a screen shot from Enphase’s monitoring software for our system.

 PV monitoring screen shot Enlighten Enphase

The numbers on each panel represent the sum total of the past 7 days of power creation. You can see that the panels on the left are slightly lower than those on the right. These are the ones closest to our favorite silver maple tree. The “hole” in the middle of the system is where the solar hot water panels are.


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