Framing begins!

The first load of lumber arrived today, John and Spartan wasted no time in cutting and laying out the wall components. The first wall, the North wall was laid out and we assembled the framing, ready for siding with the ZIP system and to be stood up in place.

Here is the result of a few hours of work, can’t wait for more!


Pics from weeks past…… as promised!

I have finally, with the help of Spartan become an editor! Hence, I am posting pics from the weeks gone by when the images just sat on the cards! From now on, we’ll be up to date.

Thanks Spartan!

We laid down four inches of foam board (R-20) with the vapor barrier in between. We also spray foamed the gaps between the boards.

Spraying Vegetable oil as release agent!

Spartan Laying last layer of Insulation panels in house.

Cutting down to size