Ideas: Design Themes, Design Uses, Spaces

Design Themes: Fun, organic, bring people together, atypical

  • Curves
  • Natural Materials: stone, wood in the round, cordwood masonry wall
  • Different levels
  • First floor open to second floor
  • Open floor plan
  • Spiral staircase or stairwell with landing
  • Small alcoves/small places to go to for privacy (idea: have an alcove perhaps for office desk off a stairwell landing)
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Exposed beamwork

Spaces: First Floor

  • Kitchen (be able to entertain from)
  • Pantry off kitchen insulated from rest of house kept cold during winter for root storage. Should be on North side. Chest freezer and bulk food storage.
  • Dining (be able to have many people around a long table)
  • Living (couch, coffee table, armchairs)
  • Mechanical, laundry
  • Place to hang dry clothes including large sheets (works well with first floor open to second, use pulley system)
  • Mudroom (make larger and have sunroom combination – grow seed starts)
  • .5 Bath
  • Enclosed porch (can’t be on South face)

Spaces: Second Floor

  • 3 bedrooms (have master face East, master abuts bathroom not another bedroom)
  • Small second floor porch
  • Full Bath
  • Storage Under eaves/lofted storage

Spaces: First or Second Floor

  • Space for guests to sleep (idea: stage style curtain to close off living area–fold out bed couch)
  • Space for piano/music
  • Game alcove (built in opposing seats with built in table between, small)
  • Office alcove

Spaces: Accessory Building

  • Workshop/tools/wood
  • Store kayaks, bicycles
  • Other storage
  • Garage for one or two cars (carport is fine, less concrete used)