Light Bulb Cost Comparison

I did a presentation at the Garlic and Arts Festival in Orange Massachusetts this past weekend on home energy efficiency. For it, I prepared a slide comparing light bulb costs. The title of my slide on the topic became “Congratulations LED’s! You Did It!” Why? On Amazon, you can now by LED’s that are so cheap that they pay themselves in about 6 months! Here is a chart that shows off all the details:

Bulb Comparison 10/14 Cost of one bulb no shipping Watts Cost to run for 1 year Savings per year if replacing an incandescent bulb When replacing an incandescent, Pays for itself in… (months)
GE Incandescent (Amazon 4 Pack) $1.00 60 $14.89
 GE CFL (Amazon 8 Pack) $1.38 13 $3.23 $11.67 1.4
TCP LED (Amazon 6 Pack) $6.64 10 $2.48 $12.41 6.4
Philips LED (EFI Single Bulb) $12.95 11 $2.73 $12.16 13
Cost for one year assumes 4 hrs per day and cost of electricity .17 cents per kW

A PDF of the above chart with even more details including color temperature (all about 2700 K), lumens (all about 800), and dimmability is available here: Light bulb cost comparison.pdf

I can vouch for both the TCP bulbs and the Philips. I have some of both in my house and they produce lots of nice warm light.

Light Bulb Comparison