More materials!

OK, so I definitely deserve some teasing. We now have all but three of the windows and one or two interior doors, but still no foundation. I also bought 3 locksets so the house is now very secure.

The doors and windows are from Renew and continue the eclectic theme. All of the interior doors are beautiful, but not-a-one matches. Some people pull off the mismatched dinner ware aesthetic… I hope to pull off the mismatched door and window aesthetic. Of course, the whole point is to save money–and I need to have the windows and exterior doors before I frame the house–which hopefully isn’t too far into the future.

I also got a great deal on ICF’s (insulated concrete forms) off of Craig’s List. ICF’s are big insulated panels that you can pour your concrete stem wall into. They stack like Lego blocks and make pouring and insulating your foundation a simpler quicker task. They run around $2o for a 4′ long section, but I picked up almost enough to do the garage foundation at $7.50/section.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's)

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's) in John's garage


Pro: $70 for all 3 Con: 3 different keys

Scott and Thom

Scott, professor/friend/architect, and Thom, classmate/friend/international man-of-mystery. (We just unloaded more windows and doors into Thom's basement. What's left in the truck is Scott's Renew treasure.)

Arched door

Cool arched door

Lots of doors

I am going to be really good at framing doors. Oh, and we could use some hinges and door knobs.


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