Growing mushrooms (the edible kind)

As part of our urban homestead we are growing edible mushrooms on some of the logs that came from our land. Last Saturday Keja and Sarah came to help. (Hannah wasn’t able to help on account of the Winchester Elementary School talent show she was helping to direct.) We purchased innoculant for shitake, maitake, oyster, and lion’s mane from Fungi Perfecti. Oak is one of the best types of wood for the job, which we had plenty of from the land. The process involves drilling holes in the log, inserting the innoculant, which is in the form of dowels or sawdust with mycellium growing on it, and sealing the holes and ends of the log with wax.

Innoculating logs with mushroom spawn

Innoculating logs with mushroom spawn

Sarah and Keja moving innoculated log

Sarah and Keja moving innoculated log

Drilling holes in the logs

Sara and Keja drilling holes in the logs. The white brick on the tailgate is ten pounds of cheese wax for sealing the logs. On the ground is our camp stove for melting the wax. You can also see our new (used) lumber rack on the truck (many thanks Justin!).


One thought on “Growing mushrooms (the edible kind)

  1. good luck with your ‘shrooms! i’m sure they’ll do well there. years ago when we lived on cape cod we grew shitake mushrooms and they did just fine but here in florida we haven’t had the same luck. about 2 years ago we planted the same varieties you did (also ordered from fungi perfecti) and so far we’ve harvested maybe 3 tiny mushrooms. must be too hot for them to grow here.

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