The Plans

Here are the complete architectural plans for the site, house, and garage. I submitted the plans on Friday as planned, and I was told to expect a 2 week review period. Legally, it could take as much as 4 weeks.

3D Views and Table of Contents

14 Vernon St Plans Complete Architectural Plans (3.5mb)

Quick overview:
*1500 S.F. overall; 1100 S.F. living space
*On Slab (Frost Protected Shallow Foundation so the stem walls only go 14-16″ below grade, details in the plans)
*Saltbox style
*2 Floors plus a 3rd floor room
*2 Bedrooms (Master has 15′ cathedral ceiling)
*1.5 Bathrooms
*128 S.F. West-facing Screen Porch
*324 S.F. Single car garage with storage space
*15,000 BTU per hr heat load at 0 dgr outside 65 dgr inside (Typical new construction is around 80,000 BTU/hr)
*Heated with a gas space heater on the first floor (for details on this and other appliances in our home see our appliance wish list)
Cover sheet for plans thumbnail

Site Plans thumbnail


2 thoughts on “The Plans

  1. Spartan & Hannah!

    Great work. I am so impressed and inspired to see your dream house coming to fruition step-by-step. Will try to check the blog more often to keep up with your progress! Cheers and stay safe with all those tools and machinery!

  2. After hearing you describe your plans to my family and friends, and sharing the excitement of getting the stained glass window I am beginning to sense the reality of your new home!

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