No news yet / Stump work / New purchases

Still no news on the building permit, unfortunately.

On the other hand we don’t need a permit to pull stumps or grind them so things are moving ahead on that front. (pictures to follow)

John Thom and I put  in a full day last week taking branches out of the large silver maple tree. We ended up taking away another four truckloads of wood off of the property. We estimate that there was 10 cords of firewood in all. We avoided renting a chipper again because I spent half a day using a loppers to chop the small branches into 6″ sections.

New Purchases:
-Stained glass window for first floor bathroom, which would otherwise get no natural sunlight. Hannah and I picked the window up at a yard sale in Cleveland OH.
-90 gallon stainless steel hot water tank manufactured by my GCC professor Peter Talmage. The tank is designed to be a solar hot water drainback tank.


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