Posts for porch

Today, John S., Thom and I worked on digging the the holes for the porch piers. We rented a hydraulic post hole digger from Taylor. It was a good thing we had all three of us there, it was a beast to operate. After we finished the setting the form tubes in the ground we turned our attention to laying out the rest of the strings for the garage batter boards.

I learned today that the rebar in the footing needs to be grounded. This creates a minor delay in pouring the concrete for the footing. Instead of tomorrow we will have to do it on Wednesday. Bob, my electrician, will come and take care of the situation tomorrow.

Hydraulic post hole digger

The hydraulic post hole auger was difficult to operate with two just two of us -- picture by Thom

Dirt spraying from post hole auger

Dirt spraying from post hole auger


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