Foundation work continues

During the past two days we made good progress thanks to the hard work of Thom B., Jason D., and John S. On Tuesday, Thom put up the outside layer of foam on the house stem wall. Meanwhile, Jason and I worked on the garage foundation.  We disassembled the footing forms, laid out the reference line for the frost wall, and began to put on the horizontal rebar. On Wednesday, John S. and Jason D. worked on setting up the garage stem wall forms while Thom and I worked on putting on the first interior layer of foam.

On Tuesday I spoke with a couple of concrete guys (Rob and Barnaby) who I might hire to finish the slab. I have discovered it isn’t that easy to get concrete flat.

Exterior stem wall foam insulation done

Here is the foundation at the close of Tuesday. The pattern from the foam’s previous life is rather nifty. My only guess as to what that life might have been was some sort of Hollywood set–perhaps to create a temple?

Thom puts the finishing touches on the last foam board of the day

Thom puts the finishing touches on the last foam board of the day. The foundation will have a total of 6″ of foam board when we are done. One layer on the outside and two on the inside of the stem wall. Total R value of 30.


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