Hannah and Spartan on the new rough in stairs

It has been amazing to go up and down stairs between the floors now instead of a ladder. It has been several days now and I still get the giggles. Monday and Tuesday were spent working on the second to third floor stairs, which are about half done.

Planning out the kitchen with plywood on saw-horses

Hannah and I spent time this past Saturday planning out the kitchen with plywood on saw-horses. Much to my surprise, it seemed to actually work! This was good news was needed because there has been some issues with the mechanical room plan. The hot water tank and laundry machine both don't fit. I thought they would because I based the plan using Archicad's default sizes for these appliance. Luckily there is a fairly easy solution: move the tank into what was going to be the above ground root cellar room. We can always store roots in the garage or a dedicated exterior cellar.


3 thoughts on “Stairs!

  1. I trust you considered, and then discarded, the idea of an on-demand water heater – gas or electric or point-of-use?

    • Quite correct. The on demand electric on the surface seems good, and in fact would be fine if I was selfish about it. Unfortunately, the impact on the grid would be a bad one. A surge of 12-15,000 kw is stressful on the utilities. The plan is to definitely have an in-tank electric element. I will not have any other fuel coming into the house.

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