We have blown in the large majority of the insulation. This is really exciting because insulation is the foundation of an energy efficient home. The cellulose insulation that we are using is made locally in Belchertown by National Fiber. They use shredded and fluffed unread New York Times and Boston Globe newspapers. The cellulose is mixed with 17% borate which is a non-toxic fire-retardant and insect repellant. It also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Competitor’s use ammonia sulfate which is more toxic and less effective.

When all is said and done we will have 12.5″ of cellulose in the walls (R-45)

Cellulose spray box truck

Cellulose spray box truck.

Bales of cellulose

This pile of 125 bales of cellulose is only a fifth of what I estimate the house will need.

Uptight Insulators at work blowing dense pack cellulose

Uptight Insulators at work blowing dense pack cellulose

Cellulose in attic

Cellulose in the bays of the parallel chord trusses

Thank you John for helping to load the cellulose!


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