Progress with siding

Over the past weeks we have been steadily putting up our siding. All that remains is the top 1/3 of the west face.

tongue and groove clear stained red cedar siding

The finished east side of our house. Luckily, we finished just before hurricane Irene swept through. Just prior to this photograph, the staging was stacked four high. In other preparations, we emptied our makeshift garage into the house and put 125 bales of cellulose into the box truck.

how to put staging scaffolding on a porch roof

Here is our solution to putting staging on our 15 degree sloped porch roof. You can't see it here, but we have a 2x12 connected to the under side of the porch and spanning the length of the roof that prevents the assembly from sliding off.

Red cedar siding on rain screen and zip system

The west face of the house and another view on the scaffolding on top of the porch. Note the shadow of the curved porch braces.

It took 283 years for this redwood tree to grow five and half inches

This wood is amazing. It took 283 years for this redwood tree to grow five and half inches. This board represents only part of the tree's radius as well. Adam, who has surveyed these trees in person, estimates the tree to be at least 1000 years old (see his comment on this post)! I feel bad about using it, and I keep having to remind myself that I purchased this wood through Craig's List second hand. Frankly, I think it should be a crime to cut down such old trees. I hope we don't inspire more people to seek out this type of material.


One thought on “Progress with siding

  1. Spartan,
    The growth rate for old-growth western red cedar is comparable to what you see is this board. I have surveyed these trees out west and they often hit 40″ in diameter and will sometimes hit 60″. An individual tree will often approach or exceed a 1000 years or more old ( years/inch x diameter= approximate age of tree). So, in your previous example of 47 years/inch x a small average of 25″ diameter= 1175 years old, which I believe, is before the Vikings wreaked havoc on what was then England. Impressive to think of such old organisms.


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