Ceilings and drywall

Over the last couple of weeks we had to take time away from siding the house to put up some dry wall and wooden ceilings. The dry wall that we put in was so the insulators could insulate some partition walls for sound or fire proofing. Dense pack cellulose does a great job at both, and we are looking forward to a very quiet master bedroom. We put in the wooden ceilings because they hold up the cellulose in the roof in some areas, and we simply needed to get the material out of our way after bringing it in from the garage due to the hurricane.

Tongue and groove knotty pine stained white for the ceiling

Nearly the entire first floor ceiling is knotty pine tongue and groove 1x8's. We chose this material for a couple of reasons sheet rock has a high carbon foot print, and I didn't want to deal with installing heavy sheets of sheet rock on the ceiling. Oh, and I suppose the fact that it looks awesome might be a reason as well.

Keeping cellulose dust from entering living space through pine ceiling boards

In order to keep cellulose dust from entering the living space through the T&G pine boards, we first installed Typar.

Tongue and groove boards stained white for ceiling

The upstairs hall way.

Installing tongue and groove boards on cathedral ceiling

Adam installing tongue and groove boards in the master bedroom

Dense pack cellulose installed in cathedral ceiling roof

The third floor space has changed dramatically over the last couple of weeks.


One thought on “Ceilings and drywall

  1. Spartan and Hannah…the house looks beautiful…the floor tiles are just gorgeous!

    I bet you are so happy to be in your new home…how wonderful!

    What is you new home address?

    Much love,
    Aunt Laurie

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