We are still alive

Yup, we are still here–although just. The last couple of months have been especially crazy. As of two weeks ago Adam and I both started work for Sandri–our local oil and gasoline company. Don’t jump to conclusions though, we are working in the relatively new renewable energy division of the company installing solar hot water panels. Our first big job is a 32 panel system in Pittsfield Mass. for heating the Boys and Girls Club pool. The job is should be done before Christmas–which is good since Hannah and I are basically homeless at the moment. Our couch-surfing opportunity with friends has ended. Hannah has gone to stay with her parents while I have been staying overnight at a hotel in Pittsfield.

We had about a months notice before the Pittsfield job started so put in many a long work day on the house leading up to it. In the last month we finished and inspected both the plumbing and electrical systems. I subbed out the installation of our walk in shower (which is gorgeous!) The upstairs bath is tiled and our laundry machine has been installed. Amongst other things, Adam has been plugging away at the stairwell to the second floor. With any luck it will be done by the end of today. The stairs are beautiful by the way. We purchased yellow pine for the treads, cherry and maple for the newel posts, and we are using cherry that we harvested from the land for the balusters. Additionally the risers and landings are from a reclaimed wood that Adam believes to be chestnut. The kitchen has also come along. The sink counter area is tiled, we got a stove from our friends Marissa and Tim, and cabinets from my parents neighbors who recently renovated their kitchen. The main cooking area counter is just a piece of plywood for now, but eventually we will build a maple counter. Ah yes, we also spent a few days finishing the second floor floor, which involved power-planing sanding and oiling.

The solar system needs to be finished ASAP so we can get the energy star folks in here to certify the house before the end of the year. The only other things the house really needs are interior doors, trim, the finish stairwell to the third floor, and the finish decking for our porch (it has been temporarily decked with plywood).

Unfortunately, it does not appear we will be able to have our annual new years brunch at our new home. Although we will surely have our temporary occupancy permit by then, the house will still basically be a construction site.



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