Granite counter top scrap floor pictures

Granite counter top scrap remnant mosaic floor

We reserved the lighter color stone for the kitchen area since it doesn’t get as much direct sunlight as the living and dining areas.

Granite counter top recycled scrap tile floor

The kitchen and mudroom were both done towards the end of the entire process and so benefited from lessons learned. There is much less lippage between tiles. Nominally 1.25″ counter top varies +/- 1/8″. Thicker pieces were discarded and thinner pieces were built up with additional thinset in a technique called “backbuttering”. The “doormat” piece with red veins required a lot of attention. It varied in thickness by 1/4″ across its length–no doubt this was why it was in the discard pile at the manufacturer.

Messy yard

The yard was messy before we cut all the stone for the granite scrap floor, but after it got a lot worse.


5 thoughts on “Granite counter top scrap floor pictures

  1. Your floor is BEAUTIFUL! … and I have stolen your idea 🙂
    I am currently at the cutting stage (I am cutting all my tiles to 4×8)… I was wondering if you used sanded or non-sanded grout? I was afraid sanded would scratch but would like wider grout lines. Thanks!

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