Energy Star Approved Home

Last December we had an Energy Star rater come from CET to do the final inspection. This included a blower door, volumeter, tests. Although this is old news now, I am very happy to report we received a 5 stars plus rating (the highest from energy star). We performed extremely well on our blower door test: .54 ACH50 (54% of the air in the house changes out every hour if it is under 50 pascals of air pressure (50 pascals is like 20 mph wind) (Passive House standard is .6 ACH50). Taking all of our insulation into account, our appliances, the solar hot water system, and our U values for the windows, we received a HERS rating of 37.  Aside from comparing various homes HERS ratings, we can say that we are 63% more energy efficient than standard new construction (100-37=63)

Go team!

Volumeter test for HRV ventilation ductwork energy audit

In this picture, our CET auditor is testing the supply airflow from the HRV to ensure that we are getting enough healthy air in our super-tight house.


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