Our custom, indoor, built-in, clothes line drying system

Okay, so the title is a little over-the-top, but I am super-proud of the clothes line that I designed and built for our house. The lines reside in the overlook from the first to second floors taking advantage of the natural air flow there. I had its location and design in mind from the very beginning. Hannah was skeptical at first that we could get along without a dryer, but she is a convert now. It has worked beautifully. If the clothes aren’t drying fast enough, which happens when it is humid, we turn on the ceiling fan above the clothes line.

Built in clothes line

The clothes has six 7′ lines each. One side uses the railing for support, while the other uses a scrap piece of railing stock suspended in air by braided cable with crimp stops.

Built in clothes line

View from the landing. Note the fan above.


Hannah hanging clothes on indoor clothes line

One of the unexpected benefits of the design is that it puts the clothes all at waist level, where they are easy to hang up and take off. Ordinarily, clothes lines have to be more around head height so that the clothes don’t touch the ground.


indoor clothes line system abstract perspective art

Looking up from below offers a very artsy cool view.


3 thoughts on “Our custom, indoor, built-in, clothes line drying system

  1. hopefully you’ve considered the added moisture load to your building envelope (air/heat exchanger in the summer?) Great idea in winter for sure.

    • During the summer, the windows are pretty much always open, so the added moisture shouldn’t be staying in the house. What I did contemplate was the effect evaporative cooling might have on the heat load for the house during the winter. In the end, I decided the cooling effect didn’t warrant any design changes.

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