Second floor bathroom (Nov-Dec 2011)

Last November we hired a couple of friends of friends to tile our bathroom shower. With my Sandri Solar hot water job I simply didn’t have time to do it myself. We are really happy with the results. I love being able to just walk right into the shower; no big step; no shower curtain or door. Adam came up with a nice design for the colored tiles we got. The tiles are all seconds from the now defunct Dakor Center. As a result the white tiles are a mix of a few different shade–I actually think it looks better than if they were all one shade of white. I really wish we had curved tiles for all of the inside corners.

Custom tile walk in shower

Custom tile walk in shower

Custom tile walk in shower

If I designed another shower with entrance opposite the shower head, I would put the valving near the entrance. With it right below the shower, one has to cock the head to the side and stand to the other side to avoid the initial cold water.

Although I didn’t have time to do the shower, I did make time to tile the bathroom floor. Amazingly, we retrieved enough slate squares from the same outfit where we got the granite counter top scrap for the first floor floor. The slates are all showroom samples; they had recently decided to stop carrying slate. You can also see the marble sink that we got from Renew before we even broke ground. The base was a Home Depot damaged model so it needed some minor repair. I cut a back splash from some of our 3/4″ granite.

Slate bathroom floor

Slate bathroom floor


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