Cost Breakdown of Construction

The total cost of construction from clearing land until we were able to move in was about $161,100.
The final cost of completion will probably be closer to $165,000 as there are many small things that still need to be done, (trim, painting the third floor room, kitchen counter top, closet doors etc.). Also, one must keep in mind that my labor was free as well as the help of many friends and family. We received $15,100 in rebates and tax incentives bringing the total cost down to $146,000. Our 1500 square foot (S.F.) house cost $97.30/SF to build.

Cost breakdown by type of expenditure

Materials $90,245.09
Labor $60,655.35
Permits, fees, engineering $4,490.70
New tools $4,336.65
Equipment and tool rental $2,973.18
Fuel $1,559.44
Food $434.70
Trash, disposal costs $384.61
Other $290.36

Cost breakdown by construction area

Doors, windows, interior window trim, and extension jambs $18,787.55
Framing $17,840.95
Insulation (labor & material, includes foundation insulation) $15,946.51
Foundation for home and garage $15,248.53
Siding, soffit, exterior trim $13,965.51
Sitework $12,460.50
Plumbing (labor and material) $10,218.69
Other $6,933.52
Electrical $6,868.67
Roof (Material and labor both sheathing and metal) $4,801.80
Porch $4,010.37
Drywall $3,255.16
HRV & Ductwork (material only, no labor cost) $2,793.22
Paint (labor and material) $2,738.45
Heat pump (material and labor) $2,600.00
Floors $1,901.39
Stairs $1,643.28
Driveway $1,475.00
Tiling bathroom and kitchen counter $1,353.52
Create lumber from trees from site $740.36
Solar hot water (after rebates and incentives) $269.45

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